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Anime Girls You Can Root For


If you’re looking for some anime girls that you can root for, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about Corin, Albedo, Ikumi Mito, Masane Amaha, and more! They are all beautiful and have unique personalities, and you’re bound to find one you’re fond of.

The thicc anime series has been known for featuring some amazing female characters. One of these is Albedo. She is a white-haired succubus with black wings and devilish horns who serves as the head of the Guardians of the Tomb of Nazarick. She is the most beautiful character in the series and appears to be a very sexy character.

The Albedo of Thicc anime girls have stunning figures and are often seen wearing revealing clothing to show off their sexy figures. They are also unique in personality and power, and each one has its own special ability. Albedo has a special power and is very supportive of her friends, which makes her a great choice for any anime girl.

Corin is a fun and goofy character. While she is naughty and slapstick, she is also supportive of her friends. She can be a female or male character, but the female version is sexier. She is very attractive and has a great personality.

Corin has long curly blonde hair and red eyes. She comes from a royal family and was raised by two different royal families. The anime features girls with princess-like clothes. Another one of the anime girls is Larachel, a distant cousin of the royal family.
Ikumi Mito

One of the main characters of the anime series Food Wars! is Ikumi Mito. Mito has brown skin and short blonde hair. Her eyes are turquoise. She has a curvy body with large breasts. Her family is known for their influence on the meat business.

She’s not the only pretty girl in the series. She’s also a strong and reliable character. One of her sisters, Charlotte Smoothie, is also attractive, with crystal blue eyes and tanned skin.
Masane Amaha

The main protagonist of the anime Witchblade is Masane Amaha, a woman who possesses mysterious powers. She is the mother of Rihiko Amaha and has a strange power that is not fully explained. This is the story of her transformation into the witch blade.

She has ample assets and a gorgeous chest, but her family has suppressed her desire and alternate personality. Her chest is a thicc’s paradise.
Saeko Busujima

One of the most prominent characters in the Thicc anime series is Saeko Busujima. She is a strong and kind character, who is calm and reliable in combat. She is the second-oldest member of the group and plays the role of a big sister to her friends. Saeko was sexually abused when she was young, but she managed to get revenge by beating the perpetrator nearly to death with her bokken. Although she enjoys hurting people, she is afraid of becoming a sadistic person and turning against her friends. However, her relationship with Takashi has given her a sense of hope.

Another one of Saeko Busujima’s thiccness can be seen in her role as a vice president of the Underground council. Her role in the anime is very intriguing, as she has a unique role and personality. She has the best look of any of the characters in this series, and is considered one of the sexiest anime girls ever.
Rumi Usagiyama

The character Rumi Usagiyama stands at five feet two inches with red eyes and a white hair. Her slender frame, long white rabbit ears, and tanned skin give her an athletic look. She also has white gloves and long white eyelashes. Her body is sexy and fit with muscular arms. She is a powerful fighter with a strong personality.

Rumi is a pro hero in the My Hero Academia anime series. She uses acrobatics and physical strength to defeat her opponents. Her determination has gotten her into trouble in the manga, and she has a tendency to rely on her own strength.



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