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Come Scegliere Una Stampante 3D Professional?

Before you buy a stampante 3D professional, you must decide what type of material you will be using. The best choice is usually a resina stampante, which uses a resin as its additive material. This material has a very fast solidification time, making it a great choice for prototyping and quick production. However, this material also has limited color choices. The best way to choose the right material for your project is to consider the following criteria.

First, check out the specifications of the printer. A good choice has several useful features, such as a 300-watt power supply, a 150-mm-per-second speed, and 255x210x200mm print volume. If the volume is too small for your needs, then a lower-cost model would be ideal. A professional printer should also have high quality parts, such as a nozzle and a heated bed, so you do not have to worry about it breaking.

After choosing a material, you need to decide on the printer’s quality. The price should be within your budget. If you are new to 3D printing, start with a cheaper printer and then upgrade when you need it. A 3D printer with a reputable brand should be able to handle large quantities of filament and be fast and reliable. You can also choose a printer with compatible accessories.

Once you’ve decided on the type of material you need to print with, you should download compatible software. A 3D software program called Cura is helpful for this. It can also convert 3D files to a machine-readable format. The best 3D printer for industrial use is the Flashforge Creator Pro, which comes with dual extrusion, high-resolution printing, and a micro SD card.

Creality has three models of printers suited for beginners and professionals. The Ender 3 Pro and the Viva I3 Pro are both lightweight and easy to use. The Creality Dreamer is a semi-assembled printer with illustrated instructions and the necessary tools. It weighs eleven kilograms and is compatible with ABS, TPS, and HIPS. A Viva printer can be programmed with the software to produce anything from a single design to a complex 3-D model.



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