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Does Tanjiro Become a Demon?

The question is: does Tanjiro become a demon? The answer will depend on who you ask. We can assume that he’s related to the demons as the main antagonist is. If so, it would make sense that he would become a demon in the end. Regardless, the answer will also depend on the nature of their relationship. Let’s explore this further.
tanjiro becomes a demon

When Tanjiro becomes a demon, he becomes the strongest demon ever. The blood from Muzan’s Demon King transforms him into a demon that has the same ability as Yoriichi, a powerful demon slayer. This demon form makes him stronger than Muzan and has immunity to the sun. He also has the ability to use the Sun Breathing technique.

Before becoming a demon, Tanjiro was a pure human. He had the ability to detect even the tiniest scents. This allowed him to track scents for long distances, and even open threads. This made him a powerful enemy in battle. In the end, he managed to defeat the Demon and return to human form. However, the demon mark has many other effects on his body.

The demon slayers that Tanjiro fights in the manga are the Enmu and Daki, two of the most powerful and feared demons in the world. These demons are capable of killing humans, but they have some weaknesses. In order to defeat Muzan, Tanjiro must be able to stop them. He must also find out how to transform the demons back to human.
tanjiro’s obsession with walking under the sunlight

The reason why Tanjiro’s obsession with walking in the sun makes him a demon is not entirely clear. In Chapter 201, the demon plot becomes fandom-specific and includes Muzan’s memories. One of Tanjiro’s motivations is his wish to become free of illness, but his obsession with walking under the sunlight may be the most compelling reason.

In the story, Muzan, a demon who is obsessed with walking under the sun, passed on his obsession with the sun to a young boy who had always walked in a sunny spot. Muzan, who turned Nezuko into a demon, sent two of his subordinates to search for Tanjiro. In one of the scenes, Muzan remembers a demon slayer who wore earrings similar to Tanjiro’s. The girl had red hair. In the story, Tanjiro recalls his father’s wish for a kagura technique and the hanafuda earrings.

After the Manga’s latest arc, fans began to write their own fics with Tanjiro as the demon. Some of these fics even include Nezuko as the main character, while others focus on Giyu and Tanjiro’s relationship with Sabito. Many also involve Giyu and Makomo in the story, making the two of them quadruple Water Breathing users.
tanjiro’s relationship with Nezuko as a demon

Despite the fact that Tanjiro is a demon, his relationship with his younger sister, Nezuko, is one of the most unique in the entire series. Although Tanjiro appears to be peaceful most of the time, he can become enraged when he notices that Nezuko is threatening him. This leads him to enlist Nezuko’s help in battle, and both sisters bond with each other.

Tanjiro and Nezuko’s relationship as demons was initially fraught with trouble. While both were devoted to each other, they often disagreed with each other’s methods, and their differences were never fully resolved. However, their relationship with Nezuko as a human was eventually reconciled. After overcoming their differences, Tanjiro reveals his true intentions for his new life and explains how he came to be the person he is today.

Nezuko and Tanjiro meet again in the Asakusa Arc, during which Tanjiro learns about the Muzan and how to use the medicine that can make demons human. Later, Tanjiro and Nezuko meet again and become brother and sister again. They eventually marry and have children. They have two great-grandchildren.



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