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Erens’ Founding Titan

The birth of Eren’s founding Titan powers is one of the most intriguing aspects of the series. This Titan has a range of abilities, including Monstrous spinal cord, Telepathic ability, and Control over fellow Titans. Read on to discover more. But why is he so unique? What makes him stand out in the series? And how is his power different from others? The following are some interesting facts about Eren’s founding Titan powers.

The Centipede, or Shining Centipede, is a fictional alien which is a precursor to all life on Earth. As the progenitor of all Titan Powers, it could be the original source of all organic matter. It appears in the Cambrian era and before. The alien is not officially named by Isayama, but the closest resemblances are the Alaskan Bullworm and the Hallucigenia.

The Shining Centipede was revealed to be the Source of All Living Matter in a two millennium flashback. Ymir Fritz accidentally encounters the Centipede, which transforms him into the first Titan and causes massive destruction under King Fritz. The Shining Centipede also turns a crowd of humans into Pure Titans, who are the ultimate threat to Erens’ existence.

The power of the Founding Titan causes the user to perceive time in non-linear fashion. The person may end up with an incoherent thought pattern, or go with the flow of time. Regardless of the form, the Founding Titan can control other Titans using his scream. Eren’s power is derived from this ability. The Power of a Founding Titan is not necessarily available to royals.
Monstrous spinal cord

The Founding Titan is a monstrous creature with a spine like a human’s. It connects Eren’s head and body and can expand and contract. Its abilities are equal to those of a pure Titan. The Founding Titan was created by The Finding, a race of powerful beings who inhabited Titans in the distant past. Although the Founding Titan is not supernatural, the creature is extremely powerful and is considered the ultimate weapon against enemies and villains.

The Founding Titan has an ability to telepathically communicate with all subjects of Ymir. It can see and hear everything that happens to Eldians, including their struggles. Eren used it to communicate with his subjects about the plans for the Rumbling of the world. The Founding Titan can access the past, present, and future simultaneously, allowing it to manipulate events in the past.
Telepathic abilities

The Founding Titan is the monstrous spinal cord attached to Eren’s neck. This creature is capable of controlling the world and enabling her to perform her powers. Gods call her the Ymir. The Founding Titan possesses powers comparable to those of a pure Titan. Here are some of its unique characteristics. They include: A monstrous body, a powerful brain, telepathic abilities, and more.

Telepathic abilities of Erens founding Titan
Control over fellow Titans

Control over fellow Titans for Erens was meant to be passed down through the royal bloodlines of the Reiss family, but Eren lacks such blood. Consequently, she is unable to access the incredible powers of the Founding Titan, such as memory manipulation and control over pure Titans. As a result, she is unable to use any of her other titan powers, but instead relies on her powers of the Royal Bloodline.

The Founding Titan had the power to change Eldian bodies into mindless titans. But he had to pass along his memories and ideology to his descendants. Frieda, for example, had fits of madness and depression, and claimed that the Eldians were sinners. Therefore, he was unable to use his true power of Control over fellow Titans in combat. However, he had the ability to transform Eldians into Colossal Titans.



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