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How Old Is Hisoka?

How old is Hisoka? The question looms in our minds if we’ve watched the anime series, “Shadow of the tiger.” Hisoka’s age is not mentioned in the anime or the manga, but we can assume that she is at least 19 years old. Leorio Paradinight is also a 19-year-old hisoka who is a member of the Phantom Troupe.
Leorio Paradinight

The age of Leorio Paradinight in the Hunter x Hunter series is often questioned. He appears to be older than the three main protagonists and is often mistaken for an old man. Leorio has a tall build, small brown eyes, black hair, and a spiked crew cut. Though he appears older than his peers, Leorio is only nineteen years old.

When he made his debut in the series, Leorio was just a teenager. He had the goal of becoming a wealthy doctor and had met the three other main characters in Hunter Exam. He pursued his education as a medical student and later became Gon’s father figure. As the series came to a close, Leorio became a father figure for Gon.
Leorio Paradinight is a 19-year-old hisoka

As a youth, Leorio was already a lively, charming character who aspired to become a successful doctor. In the Hunter Exam, he met his friends Gon, Kurapika, and Killua. He also continued his studies while pursuing his dream of becoming a physician, and became a father figure to Gon as the series progressed.

Leorio is a good haggler and a good medical expert. He has a knack for detecting Majtani’s unconsciousness by examining his pupil. His quick temper has often resulted in him acting rashly, which is why his brother Kurapika considers him a close friend. While the other members of the team respect his loyalty, Leorio may be too impulsive.
Leorio Paradinight is a member of the Phantom Troupe

In his first appearance on the HxH, Leorio is only 19 years old and has a keen sense of style. Not many teenagers are seen in suits and specs, and Leorio has a keen eye for detail. Although he mainly focuses on academics, he also moonlights as a hunter and learns Remote Punch. He later becomes a member of the Phantom Troupe.

Although Leorio is only 19 years old, his mental maturity is much lower than that of his older brothers, Gon and Killua. He tends to have temper tantrums and has a selfish view. He also beat an elderly lady with a stick before his Hunter exam. He also gets frustrated easily when he hears mature speech. This causes his fellow members to lose patience with him.
Illumi is obsessed with Killua

Illumi is obsessed with her younger brother, Killua. Since childhood, she has used her Nen power to control him, allowing her to manipulate his actions. She even implanted a needle in Killua’s brain to force him to run away from battles. Illumi’s love for Killua grew from her desire to give her younger brother the love and respect she had always wanted.

It seems as though Illumi has some sort of bizarre disorder. She thinks of Killua as her little brother, so she wants to shape him into a good person. Her desire to control and protect her little brother is beyond comprehension. However, she can’t stand up to her own beliefs and desires. That makes Killua a perfect match for Illumi. If you’re wondering if Illumi is obsessed with Killua, you can find out more about her in her arc.
Hisoka is a child predator

The question of whether or not Hisoka is a child predator has divided fans, with some saying that the character is not a pedophile and defending his behavior by arguing that he is merely overly competitive and therefore not a pedophile. If you’ve never seen the manga before, you may not know much about Hisoka’s past. You may also think he’s a child predator because of his sexual behavior, which is not surprising considering his apparent lust for violence.

While his sexual fantasies were never directly addressed in the manga, they do serve as the basis for the series’ development. The attraction between Hisoka and Machi, for instance, is one of the strongest factors behind the ship’s creation. However, there are no clear indications of whether Hisoka is a pedophile. But one thing is clear: it is a shame that Hisoka is a child predator. His sexual fantasies are one of the strongest bases for the manga series and a major driving force for the creation of the ship.



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