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How to Draw a Fashion Figure


A fashion figure has many aspects that need to be depicted in a drawing. A great illustration is one that captures the movement of the figure. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. A drawing with a semi-curved vertical balance line will capture the movement of the figure. This will make it easier to create a drawing that is realistic.
Draw a diamond-shaped female

To draw a diamond, you will need a ruler, paper, and pencil. To draw a diamond that looks realistic, add shadows and highlights. These will give the diamond a sparkle effect. Also, draw a four-pointed star inside a pair of circles anywhere on the top of the diamond.

When you are trying to draw a diamond-shaped female fashion figure, it is important to know how to make the shape look attractive. A diamond-shaped female body has extra weight in the tummy and hips. She also lacks a defined waist. As a result, she needs to choose clothing that elongates her waistline and highlights her shoulders. As far as clothing is concerned, diamond-shaped women should wear loose, flowing garments that do not cling or pinch at the top.

Diamond-shaped faces have a high cheekbone structure. This structure is best accentuated by hairstyles that tuck behind the ears. Short faces can make the hair appear longer by wearing blunt front bangs, while long faces can make hairstyles look wavy and angular with a middle parting.
Draw a diamond-shaped male

If you want to learn how to draw a diamond, you’ll need to first understand its shape. A diamond is a shape that has seven sides. In this shape, one of the long sides extends beyond the other end. That corner will form the bottom point of the diamond. In this figure, the other sides will be different-shaped triangles.

If you have a diamond body shape, you should focus on clothing that will accentuate your upper and lower body proportions. Choose clothes with wide legs and cling-free fabric. You can also choose dresses that are knee-length. And if you want to show off your calves, go for short dresses or skirts.

Another shape that is popular among men is the oval. This figure has a large waist and chest, but is much broader than the diamond. The chest and thighs are also heavier, making the figure more bulky than the diamond. You should avoid clothes that cling to your chest, and avoid wearing too much jewelry or tight clothing around your waist.



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