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How to Draw Coral

One of the most beautiful and popular forms of sea life is coral. It looks like a plant but it is a living animal that covers sea beds in stunning colors. Drawing coral is an interesting and challenging exercise that is also a lot of fun! To begin, choose a suitable color scheme for your drawing and add a background and texture. Next, consider the size and shape of the coral. Then, add some additional details to make your drawing look complete.
Color your drawing

You can use different colors and patterns to create a coral drawing. You can also include extra details in the drawing. For instance, you can add other sea creatures like fish and crabs. Depending on the environment, you can also add an octopus or shark to your drawing. You can also experiment with other art mediums to color your coral drawing.

Once you’ve completed the basic outline of your coral drawing, you can start adding details to the drawing. You can add details like small ovals in the tips and lines at the base of the tentacles. Once you have completed these details, you’re ready to color your drawing.
Add a background

When you are creating coral drawings, you’ll likely want to add a background. The background will serve as the backdrop for the creatures in the drawing. You may want to add fish, crabs, sharks, octopus, or other sea creatures to the scene. You can also include other underwater scenery, such as a sunken ship or sandy floor. The background of your drawing will have to be lighter in tone than the foreground.

Adding a background to your coral drawings will make them more realistic. To add a background to a coral drawing, simply add a new layer and resize the image. Then, click on the “overlay” button to place the new layer over the coral drawing.
Add a texture

Add a texture to coral drawings by using modeling paste. There are many different techniques for creating this effect. For example, you can use a lighter shade for the background and a darker shade for the foreground. You can also use this technique to add other animals to your coral drawings.
Add a pattern

Once you’ve finished sketching your coral drawing, you’re ready to add some extra details. For instance, you could make small ovals on the inner tips of the coral tentacles, and make lines near their base. After you’ve added all of these details, it’s time to color your drawing.

You can also add some sea creatures to your drawing. Most coral reefs are full of different kinds of fish and other marine creatures. You can even add an octopus or shark to your drawing!
Add a clump of coral

The first step in drawing a coral reef is creating a base. For the base, draw a series of oval shapes with curved lines coming from underneath and at the sides. Next, add tentacles and other details. Once you have the basic shape of a coral reef, you can add other elements.

Add seaweed to your coral drawing. You can use curved lines with sharp tips to draw seaweed. You can draw several strands of seaweed to create a reef.
Add a fan-like shape

If you’re having trouble making your coral drawings stand out, you can add a fan-like shape to the center. This can be done using the following techniques. First, you should use a small brush and draw parallel lines in a medium value color. Then, use a watercolor pencil to fill in the spaces between these lines. You can match the texture color to the color of the coral wash, or you can just leave it as it is. Remember, painting from nature is all about imperfection.



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