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How to Get Your Drafts Back on TikTok

If you have accidentally deleted a draft or file on TikTok, you might be wondering how to get it back. Perhaps you saved a draft before uploading it to the site, or you had made some changes and wanted to upload the revised version. Regardless of the reasons, you can get your drafts back. Follow these steps to restore deleted drafts on TikTok. Once you find the draft, just choose the Restore option in the drop-down menu.

First, open your phone’s Gallery. From there, navigate to the TikTok folder in your phone’s Gallery. You can now see the videos you’ve saved to draft mode. If you don’t find any drafts, check your device’s TikTok folder to see if they were saved there. Otherwise, you can open your device’s Gallery and select them from the TikTok folder.

To get your drafts back, you must first upload your video from the same device as where you saved it. This way, you can access your videos later. However, you can only access your drafts after they’ve been posted. As a result, you can’t switch to another device to continue editing. You must finish the editing process on the same device. Once you publish your TikTok video, it will be publicly available on the web.

You can also try to delete your TikTok account and your drafts. While they won’t be visible to anyone else, you can still view them in the “Drafts” feature. However, be aware that you can also delete your TikTok drafts by uninstalling the app. If you have deleted them in error, be sure to backup your TikTok account.

Another way to retrieve your drafts is to delete the video. First, go to the drafts folder on your TikTok account. Click on the folder. Then click on the drafts option. Finally, you can delete the draft. You can save your drafts to your photo album or camera roll. You can also edit them with an online video editor. Once you’ve done this, you can post the videos on the web.

If your favorite videos are on your TikTok account, you can try the Time Machine feature to recover them. To do this, you need to connect your Mac to the computer. In this way, you can browse your saved content and select the draft video you’d like to recover. TikTok lets you save videos as drafts. Archived drafts are kept on the device’s storage.

You can also use the drafts folder to store your videos before you post them. It’s a good idea to draft a video before you post it to TikTok, as it gives you a chance to make changes and improve it later. And if your video gets deleted by mistake, you can always go back to it and finish it. You may find that you need to edit it later to make it look better.

Another way to recover lost drafts is to clean out your cache in the TikTok app. After cleaning out the cache, install the app again. Then, open the app and tap the big red button. Then, upload your videos using the app’s video editor. TikTok allows you to edit and share videos in a number of ways, including adding text, filters, and effects.

Another way to restore deleted videos on TikTok is to delete them and then re-upload them. To do this, you should locate the video you’d like to download. Once you do that, tap the arrow icon on the video’s thumbnail and select “Save Video.” Your video should save to your phone. Just remember that deleted videos won’t appear in the Liked folder.



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