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Mass Cure Wounds 5e

Mass cure wounds is an excellent spell in fifth-edition D&D. This spell heals a single target for 3d8 points of damage and increases by 1 point per caster level. However, it has some disadvantages as well, which we will discuss in this article. If you’re considering using mass cure wounds to heal a group of PCs, here are some things you need to know before casting this spell.


Among the many spells and potions available in D&D, Mass Cure Wounds is an excellent one. While 3.5e and 4e used conjuration as the base form of the spell, 5e uses magic. Depending on the spell slot, mass cure wounds increases healing by 1d8 for every level above 6th level. In Divinity Original Sin 2, it is possible to learn Mass Cleanse Wounds by combining the Hydrosophist Skill book and the Warfare Skill book. Sweet potatoes have high vitamin content and are a good choice for mass cure wounds. Another great food is clarified butter, which is a by-product of cow milk.

Druids are also capable of mass curing, but their spellcasting style is different. They usually focus on damage and crowd control spells, while their druids tend to use charms and heal-over-time’ charms, which allow them to recover lost health over a few seconds. In 5e, druids are capable of mass cure because they have the ability to cast Mass Cure Wounds.

Spell level

One of the most powerful healing spells is Mass Cure Wounds. This spell heals an entire group, not just the person casting it. For example, a cleric may want to heal six people at once and use Mass Cure Wounds to do so. The same cleric could also use Blessed Healer instead of Mass Cure Wounds. These two healing spells have the same range, but their damage amounts are different.

Mass Cure Wounds is a Level 5 spell, and its effect increases as the caster’s spell level increases. It is best used by classes with Spellcasting. Spells use Spell Slots. Higher level spell slots can be used to cast lower-level Spells. Higher-level spell slots also give the higher level spells greater benefits. This spell is effective for restoring many wounds at once, but it is best used for large groups.

Effects on undead

The Mass Cure Wounds 5e spell restores the hit points of six creatures within a 30 foot sphere of healing energy. The healing energy is equal to your spellcasting ability modifier times three. Mass Cure Wounds has no effect on undead or constructs, but works on living creatures. To cast this spell, you must have a spell slot of 6th level or higher. The healing energy increases by 1d8 for every slot above 5th level.

The Mass Cure Wounds spell’s damage does not reduce the level of the undead it targets. Instead, it increases by 1d8 for every level you have above 5th level. If you cast this spell at level 105, the damage is reduced to one-half of the original damage. In addition, undead will attempt a Will save to mitigate half of the damage, so you must make sure you cast Mass Cure Wounds at least once per day.


While the cost of Mass Cure Wounds 5E may seem steep, it’s definitely worth the investment for players who often need to heal several people in a single turn. This powerful spell allows you to heal two PCs at once, without sacrificing gameplay quality. It costs an additional 10 gold, but it’s well worth the money, as you can use it to heal many PCs in a single turn.

Mass Cure Wounds is a powerful spell that heals many people at once, but its range is limited compared to Mass Healing Word. Unlike Mass Healing Word, it only reaches 60 feet, meaning that it can’t be used to cure faraway allies. But this spell can help you keep the party together. Mass Cure Wounds is a useful spell, but it’s not perfect, and there are better ways to cast it.



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