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Meditation Music on YouTube


You can listen to many different kinds of music to relax and improve your mood while doing meditation. Some artists specialize in certain types of meditation music. For instance, Jason Stephenson creates tracks that incorporate running water, space sound, and science-fiction sound to help people relax. These tracks also help reduce muscle tension and help relieve migraines.

If you are interested in learning how to meditate, you can find a wide range of free meditation music on YouTube. Some of these tracks are specifically made for meditation, while others are more relaxing than others. Some of them even come with guided meditations. You can choose which style you prefer, and choose one that is suitable for your lifestyle and spiritual practice.
Vangelis’ Motorbike Concerto

Vangelis has a long and varied career, with his works garnering worldwide praise and several awards. However, despite his wide-ranging successes, he’s always been primarily motivated by his music. While he enjoyed early success as part of the group Aphrodite’s Child and later received acclaim for his work on film scores, he typically shies away from the spotlight, focusing on his next artistic creation.

This concert featured the improvised parts of his music, as well as some of his most famous tunes. The concert ended with a choral version of the song Hymne, which was later included on the compilation album Portraits So long ago, so clear. The concert’s performance was broadcast live on the Portuguese television station RTP Madeira. The concept sketch of the concerto was published in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. A translation by Dennis Lodewijks was also made available.
Vangelis’ Sandstrom’s Motorbike Concerto

Vangelis’ Sandstrom’s Motorcycle Concerto is a unique work for solo trombone. The piece was commissioned by the Swedish National Concert Institute in 1988. It was premiered on Nov. 9, 1989, with Christian Lindberg and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. It is one of the most frequently performed works in Sweden and on the international stage.



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