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Neo-Traditional Tattoos

The eagle is a mighty bird that reflects many different cultures. Aztec tattoos of the eagle often depict aggression, while Native Americans hold great respect for eagle feathers. While many eagle tattoos depict the bird in vivid colors, a Neo-Traditional style tattoo can use more neutral tones, including black and gray. A common depiction is an eagle with spread wings or in flight, holding a snake.
Art Nouveau

The Neo-traditional art nouveau style is very popular among artists. This type of art style was inspired by the style of decorative art from the early 19th century. Many iconic artworks in the style are sold as prints. One example is a poster for the play “Le Chat Noir” which premiered in Paris in 1882.

Art Nouveau became popular during the Industrial Revolution, when mass consumer goods were first created. Many of the artists of the era were influenced by the Japanese. This is one of the reasons why many of the neo-traditional tattoos that have become popular today are derived from the Art Deco style and traditional Japanese artwork. Indian imagery is also common in the style. This is due to the interest in nature, and many of these images are indigenous to the American continent.

Another popular design in the Neo-Traditional style is the elephant. This animal symbolizes power, wisdom, and strength. It can also be a symbol of family and loyalty. These animal tattoo designs can be created in varying sizes and colors. They can also be paired with other images.

Neo traditional portraits are always striking. These portraits often incorporate a mystical or magical element. They can seem otherworldly or even surreal, and they can be tailored to include a special loved one. They are ideal for those who want a portrait to look semi-realistic, but still capture the essence of a particular moment.

The Neo Traditional style is characterized by distinctive blocks of shading and embellishments. It is also known for its use of flowers, swirls of hair, and large tattoos. It is often used to depict a woman in a very regal manner. This style makes use of black and white shades, and contrasting islands of contrast.

Another popular style of tattoo is neo-traditional. It makes the portrait more detailed and gives it a more mystical look. This style is great for those who want to create an image that exudes strength and a powerful presence. The bold outlines and detailing in the Neo-Traditional style help to highlight the character. Alternatively, if you want to make a statement, you could go for a wolf tattoo. It would look great on your thigh or arm.
Wild predators

When looking for a tattoo design that is both bold and imposing, a tiger tattoo is a perfect choice. These powerful animals are often depicted in neo traditional style designs. This style brings out the beautiful colors of the big cats with bold outlines and detailing. These animals are highly respected as a symbol of strength and are important to several cultures. They feature heavily in Japanese folklore.
Geometric patterns

A tattoo with a geometric design is highly appealing to the eye and the mind. The geometrical pattern used in the design can be made into a very intricate design, or can be as simple as a triangle. Geometric designs can also be very spiritual, connecting the wearer to metaphysical and transcendental meanings.

Neo traditional geometric patterns can range from small tattoos to full back pieces. They are all customized for the client’s requirements. From intricate patterns on the leg to bold designs in bright colors, they can be very impressive. To get your own, just fill out a form or contact an artist. Your tattoo artist will create the design according to your specifications.



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