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Popular TikTok Dances

A TikTok dance is a viral video that is becoming a part of the youth culture. In September of 2019, Jalaiah Harmon created a TikTok dance set to K Camp’s song “Lottery.” Since then, the video has gained popularity through performances at talent shows, school pep rallies, and TikTok competitions.
Nicole Bloomgarden’s tiktok dance

Nicole Bloomgarden started a new dance trend on TikTok in December 2018. Two months later, her TikTok routine went viral, prompting Jimmy Fallon to stage a game using it. It wasn’t long before other celebrities started taking up the challenge, including Kylie Jenner, who is now a famous TikTok star.

The dance trend is set to the Jackboys song “Out West” and has since been performed by stars including Usher, Ellen DeGeneres, and Shaq. Nicole Bloomgarden first created the Out West Challenge in late December, but it only gained popularity after her videos were promoted by top TikTok accounts. In early February, her video went viral and she began receiving a ton of recognition from celebrities and social media users.

After her video went viral, other celebrities began reproducing her dance without giving her the proper credit. The video was soon uploaded by Charli D’Amelio and Usher without giving Bloomgarden any credit. The two celebrities also took to social media to discuss the controversy, and both spoke out against the “shameless plagiarism” of their videos.
Talkin’ Bout dance

The “Talkin’ Bout dance” is a hip-swaying, sharp-moving dance that has become incredibly popular on TikTok. It has been one of the hardest dance challenges to learn on the social video sharing site, but even so, a number of influential TikTokers have mastered the dance, which is set to the song of the same name by Loui. To date, the dance has appeared in more than 600,000 videos.

The Talkin’ Bout is the most popular dance challenge on TikTok, although the “Unlock it” dance challenge is also popular. Over two million people have attempted the challenge and have managed to get it right. To be successful in this dance challenge, you must master the basic concepts of symmetry and mirroring.
The “Blinding Lights” dance challenge

The “Blinding Lights” dance contest has become one of the most popular challenges on TikTok. It involves people doing choreographed moves to a song by The Weeknd, and it has gone viral. Users have posted millions of videos of themselves doing the challenge. The challenge can be performed solo or with others. Even children have joined in the fun.

This month, TikTok added fuel to the fire with a new dance challenge involving the Weeknd’s hit single. The challenge was uploaded on March 26 and has already garnered over 2.8 billion views. This video has also made its way onto social media, with several celebrities joining in and spreading the viral video.

The “Blinding Lights” dance has been featured on TV shows and in magazines. It has even gained popularity among pregnant women. Ambulance staff have also joined in the fun. While the video has been going viral since December, it has gained momentum over the past month. So, if you are feeling inspired to try it out, dust off your leggings and your best breaststroke from Year 7 swimming lessons. Then follow these steps.
Nova’s “Supalonely” dance challenge

“Supalonely” is a new viral dance video, gaining momentum after being uploaded to TikTok with more than 12 million taggings. The song was created by Benee, a New Zealand artist, and is a fun and easy dance challenge for the whole family to try. The song is also perfect for team building, particularly during quarantine.

The song features pop phenom Stella Bennett, a New Zealand singer and former water polo prodigy. She makes zippy woozy pop with a hint of ska. The song pokes fun at the stereotype of a lonely bitch. The video is colorful and perfect for a TikTok dance challenge.



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