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The Obama-Random House Book Deal

Michelle Obama is getting a book deal worth over $65 million from Penguin Random House. But is the deal quid pro quo? President Trump calls for a federal investigation into the Obama-Random Penguin House book deal. A “whistleblower” reportedly spoke to House Intelligence Committee staffers about Obama’s call with Ukraine President Zelensky. The term “whistleblower” implies concerns about a quid pro quo.
pearson publishing obama’s $65 million contract with Penguin Random House

The contract was one of the biggest advances in recent history for the former president and first lady. The deal was reported to be worth $65 million and stunned many in the publishing industry. While the contract does not mention who will write the books, it does mention Obama as an author. Obama and his wife will work separately on the books, and Penguin Random House will publish them together. They will sell the rights to the books for a combined $65 million.

The Financial Times reported that the Obamas have signed a two-book deal with Penguin Random House for $65 million. It is unknown how much these book advances will cost, but the hefty contracts are not cheap. The Financial Times also identified individuals who were briefed on the contract and the auction. These people could be an employee of PRH or an editor from a competing publishing house.
pearson publishing obama’s memoir A Promised Land

A Promised Land is the first volume of the memoir written by Obama, President of the United States from 2009 to 2016. Published by Pearson Publishing, it is a two-volume set detailing the president’s political career. It is 768 pages long and is available in hardcover, paperback, and digital formats. There is also an audiobook version that runs for 28 hours. In the end, it’s a good book, but it’s far from perfect.

President Barack Obama’s A Promised Land was released on Tuesday, with the book selling over six million copies in its first day of release. The author is well known for his political activism and has written three best-selling books. In the United States, Obama has also received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. Obama’s memoir follows his campaign speeches and his participation in a daylong “Today” show. During his campaign, the president says he has no regrets.
pearson publishing obama’s Common Core testing program

The Common Core testing program at Pearson Publishing is in the news again after the state pulled out of the PARCC consortium. The company was awarded a major contract from the Obama administration to develop and administer the test for Common Core states. The test costs the government about $24 per student. A rival test developer is fighting the contract in court, claiming that the bidding process was rigged. The state and Pearson both insist that the bidding process was fair.

While the Common Core has been met with controversy, the testing program is still going strong. Most states are moving ahead with implementing the tests. However, New Mexico has rejected the proposal, claiming that it would make the program unconstitutional. Some states have refused to comply with the new testing requirements because of political reasons. This is a huge problem. Moreover, the testing program will have a significant impact on teachers’ professional lives.
Michelle Obama’s popularity as an author

First lady Michelle Obama has found success as an author, gaining recognition for her memoir Becoming. Having been married to President Barack Obama for eight years, she has continued to stay committed to her marriage. In fact, her memoir is the number one best seller of all time. She shares the story of her life and how she overcame her anxiety to become the first female president. In Becoming, she writes about her life from birth to her time as First Lady.

In Becoming, Michelle Obama explores her life as a child and the struggles she faced growing up. Her book has become an instant bestseller, achieving the number one spot in 11 countries. The book’s audio edition was also a hit, with Michelle Obama reading the book herself. The audiobook is available in digital and physical formats from Penguin Random House Audio. After the book’s success, she’s set to release an additional two books in the series.



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