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The Old Cannery in San Francisco

The Old Cannery has more than just the old-fashioned fun. Its model trains run all year round and it even features a fudge shop that has 28 different flavors. The Old Cannery was even featured on the Learning Channel’s Trading Spaces. The Old Cannery is a must-see destination for those visiting San Francisco.
Model trains run year-round at the Old Cannery

Model trains are always running at the Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse, a historic building in Sumner, Washington. The warehouse features four G-scale trains and a 1,700-foot track. The train layout includes a Santa train and a circus train. It also includes an observation deck where you can view the trains.

There are three staff members who oversee the animatronics in the store. They include retired police officers and fire fighters, as well as a retired firefighter who has no prior model train experience. Another employee is Dennis Reeve, who is a member of a model railroad club. Bono grew up in a household with trains.

The Old Cannery is an excellent destination for trains lovers, from beginning to advanced. With a large layout and a well-maintained railroad, model trains can run at any time. The Old Cannery also features several model train rides and exhibits. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll have a blast while learning about the history of the industry.

Uniontown was originally called Uniontown, after the cannery, and was settled by Finns. The area was populated by single men who worked in the industry. As the community grew, new families moved up the hillside. Many homes in the area were built in a vernacular style – that is, they were designed by workingmen and were passed down from generation to generation.
It was featured on the Learning Channel’s “Trading Spaces”

The store was mentioned, but not by name. Rather, it was a background piece that included an exterior shot, a commentary about a large selection and scenes of the designers shopping for furnishings. Christi Proctor, one of the designers on the show, called the showroom “cool.” While Emerald Furniture didn’t expect an immediate boost in business, the show’s exposure helped generate excitement among employees and helped the company pitch its strengths and services.
It has 28 flavors of homemade fudge

If you’re looking for a unique gift, Old Cannery is a great option. The fudge shop features more than 20 varieties of homemade fudge. In addition to the sweets, the store offers a wide variety of furniture, ranging from rustic furniture to luxurious leather sofas. Moreover, the company prides itself on providing top-notch customer service.

The fudge is creamy and melts in your mouth, and it can be served with or without nuts. For an even more decadent treat, you can top it with toasted walnuts. Chocolate fudge is not difficult to make, but it does take time and effort. The basic recipe calls for chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff, and butter. Once those are mixed, a mixture of sugar and milk is added to the bowl. The ingredients are then heated until a thick paste forms.



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