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The Teddy Nightgown

The Teddy nightgown has been in vogue for decades and has several different styles. The first design, which featured a black and gold striped fabric, was worn by the little bear, Teddy. Later, a patterned gold dress became popular, and its silhouette shifted toward a closer fit. Teddy’s cape now features fur trimming around the edges of the sleeveless bodice, and the teddy wears a golden armour-like hat that extends to his waist.

The teddy nightgown is made from many different materials and colors. The earliest teddys were made of sheer material, and were marketed as sleepwear. In later years, though, women began to wear them as lingerie, due to the sheerness of the fabric. The style combined a bra and panty, and came in a variety of vibrant colors. The teddy is still used today for practicality, but some teddies are also made for sex appeal.

The next design was a striped top with a golden ribbon running down the centre. A marron skirt followed, and Teddy wore a gold mask on top of it. Gold jewellery and earring covers adorned Teddy’s golden accessories. A pair of black heels with a gold bow on the toes is worn by Teddy. His yellow hair is pulled up in pigtails. In addition to his nightgown, Teddy’s father wouldn’t let his daughter out of his bed.

The teddy was created in the 1920s, and later shortened to teddy. Teddy bear lingerie became popular in the 1960s, and was first worn as a teddy bear undergarment. The one-piece design allows a woman to cover the torso and crotch in a single garment. The teddy may cover the entire torso and legs, or it may only cover the bottom half.



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