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The Trial of Craigslist in Delaware

Craigslist is a privately held company with a few dozen employees, but the service has become one of the largest online classifieds sites in the U.S. People use Craigslist to sell junk, sell their cars, buy apartments, adopt pets, and find new homes. The trial, which is likely to last about a week, is being broadcast on the Courtroom View Network. It’s called eBay Domestic Holdings Inc v Newmark and is being held in Delaware Chancery Court.

The state of Craigslist in Delaware covers an area of approximately 1,982 square miles, making it the 49th largest state in the U.S., and it is home to 952,065 people, making it the 45th most populated. Before joining the union, Delaware was known as the Delaware Colony. It was the first state to join the union. Its history is rich, ranging from the first American colony to the modern-day U.S. state.

Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay in 2004 and candidate for California governor, is the first witness in the Delaware trial. In 2007, she allegedly diluted eBay Inc.’s stake in Craigslist and used it to create a competing classified service. While the lawsuit is unlikely to be successful, the company has benefited from its shady past. There’s a lot of uncertainty over the future of the service, but one thing is clear: Meg Whitman’s decision to represent eBay will have far-reaching effects on its reputation.

The decision may lead to an increased amount of illicit services being listed on Craigslist. While it might make it harder to monitor these ads, it’s not entirely clear if the company will take the censorship label off the adult section of its website. The Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has already pushed to remove the adult section. He’s also trying to verify the company’s official policy regarding the matter. Craigslist is already doing far more than most print publications and websites do.



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