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Top 20 Cute Anime Girls of 2022

A popular ranking site has released a list of the top 20 anime girls of 2022. The list was compiled by 17,000 anime fans who rated 1,072 two-dimensional girls. The winner of the list was Rem from Re:Zero. She was followed by her twin sister Ram, who came in 21st.
Nezuko Kamado

In the anime series ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’, Nezuko Kamado is a young girl with many unique powers. She possesses a range of supernatural abilities, including superhuman strength, regeneration, and the ability to grow and shrink. She has even learned a technique used by blood demons, known as Exploding Blood. This technique causes the blood to burn as it leaves the body. Nezuko’s parents are devoted to her, and they are proud to be her guardians and protectors.

The main character of the series, Nezuko Kamado, is a Demon Slayer. She was once a human girl, but was attacked by monsters and changed into a demon. Her long, dark hair, and her bright pink eyes are some of her most unique features. Her sexy looks make her one of the most attractive anime girls around.
Yue Hirasawa

This kawaii anime girl from the anime Rent-a-Girlfriend is a fan favorite. The show, which will be released in Summer 2020, is full of adorable characters. While she may have a questionable taste in men, she is the hottest anime girl in recent memory.

This cute anime girl from Kyoto Animation has a devoted fan base. The cute anime girl in the series is the main character, and she is a well-written, sweet character. Unlike other anime female protagonists, she is not overly fan service heavy and is very relatable.

Akiho is a popular anime girl who is able to captivate her audience. She is also incredibly cute. Unlike her classmates, however, Akiho has no experience in intimate relationships and is often too over-analystistical. This is a trait that she inherited from her mother when she was young.

Akiho has a natural aptitude for engineering and uses it to make amazing inventions. Another anime girl cute is Konata Izumi, a spunky and expressive otaku girl who loves video games. The series also features Yuki Nagato, a shy and withdrawn girl with no mouth.

Chitanda is an anime girl with a cheerful personality. She is a member of the Literature Club at Kamiyama High School. She tries to convince her classmate, Houtarou Oreki, to join the club. Although Houtarou is reluctant, Chitanda manages to persuade him. Chitanda is very nice and always polite. She is also very friendly and innocent.

Chitanda’s looks are very attractive. Her long, wavy hair, tiny hazel eyes, and large breasts make her look very attractive. Her cheerful personality is contagious. Her bright nature and curiosity make her a joy to be around. She is very friendly, but she can become hyperactive if she is swept up in her own world.

The character of Sawako is very cute and adorable. Her pale skin, wide brown eyes, and long, straight jet-black hair make her an extremely appealing character. She is also known for her laugh, which is believed to bring good fortune to the listener. Sawako is typically dressed in a high-school uniform, which consists of a blue blazer and a light-blue skirt. Despite her adorable appearance, she still abides by the school rules.

Although Sawako is not the most attractive anime character, it still has a lot to offer fans. Her personality is full of wild and bubbly energy that makes her all the more lovable. She is also an intelligent and witty character, which makes her even more adorable.

Orihime Inoue is a young high school student. Her brother ran away from home, and brought her along with him. Her mother died three years before the series started, and her father is absent. While her looks are cute and she would likely be one of Ichigo’s girlfriends, her personality is more complex. In addition to being a charming, passive character, she’s also a good friend.

Ino is the popular girl at Konoha High School and is often the prettiest girl in the class. Although there are plenty of pretty anime girls in the anime industry, Ino stands out with her strength and femininity. Chelsea from Akame Ga Kill is another fan favorite because of her strength and witty personality.



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