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Top 5 Mind Control Hatai Anime

If you are looking for an anime series with the element of mind control, try Kansen Ball Buster. This anime is based on a popular manga series and features some fantastic mind control hentai techniques. This type of manga is known for its clever use of color and imagery to create a very threatening atmosphere. You must watch it to understand how it works. This article will review Kansen Ball Buster, one of the best known examples of mind control hentai.
Genkakaku Cool na Sensei ga Ahebotecchi

The Japanese sex anime Genkaku Cool na Sensei ga Ahemoteshchi is one of the most popular teen anime series around. The story revolves around a high school student and his sexual relationship with his school nurse. The two develop a bond, and this is the basis for the series.
Aku no Onna Kanbu

Aku no Onna Kanbu is the continuation of a popular anime. This anime is based on a visual novel and is set several years after the events of the first season. It revolves around Kazuma-kun, an ordinary Japanese boy who is capable of stealing the powers of magical female warriors. He has the ability to control other people by means of the moon, a power which is not easily discovered.

In this mind control hentai anime, a girl living in a mansion turns intruders into maids and seduces them into having sex with her. As the girl becomes more powerful, the intruders begin to suffer. As their sexual intercourse intensifies, they begin to suspect they’re being watched. This leads to a series of bizarre events, including a murder that puts them in danger.
Kangoku Senkan

If you love mind-bending sexual intercourses, Kangoku Senkan is a manga or anime that you should watch. The series features two main characters, Yukiha and Minase, who can either be brainwashed or normal during the day. As the title suggests, they can also be mind-controlled at night. The manga is not available in English, but you can download the fan translation patch from Rattan Man Translation’s tumblr.

One of the series’ most intriguing plots involves a pervert high school student named Saimin. He possesses the ability to control people with his mind and has a variety of victims, including his stepsisters, stepmother, and neighbor milfs. The plot is interesting, and the action is well-done. However, there are also some disturbing moments in the series that are rated R.
Bible Black

The third installment of Bible Black features several new characters as well as familiar ones. The plot revolves around the events following Walpurgis Night. Shiraki and Saeki have now become teachers at a school, while Takashiro has become a bhikkhuni and Imari has become a cop. The series also features a new string of horrifying murders.

Saeki is a bisexual woman who has been using her power to manipulate others. She is willing to use her body for what she wants. She sexifies Taki Minase in return for her secret, and uses her mind to collect semen from male virgins. Saeki is a good mind control hentai and has several magical trinkets in her possession.

Saeki is a hentai who has been experimenting on humans for centuries. She has been trying to control people by using their minds. Saeki’s work is to use the Bible Black to manipulate people. His work has been criticized for being violent, but he stands by his words and promises to help people through the process. But he’s unaware of the effects that his words have on people.



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