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What Episode Does Kakashi Become Hokage?

If you’re wondering, “What episode does Kakashi become Hokage?” you’ve come to the right place. Kakashi is a popular character in the Naruto manga and anime series, but you may be wondering how the transition took place. There are several important details about this transition in the manga and anime series. Here we’ll take a look at some of them.

When Tsunade died in the 4th shinobi world war, Lady Tsunade chose Kakashi as her successor, as she hoped her son would inherit her rank. But, the 4th Great Ninja War took a heavy toll on the village and Lady Tsunade fell into a coma. Danzo claimed the title of acting Hokage, but he died while fighting Sasuke.

When Kakashi becomes Hokage, his father is a reluctant candidate. He resisted the position and was a bit slow at acting as Hokage, leaving Tsunade to carry the dream. Nonetheless, he was an excellent choice, as he served Konoha well when the town needed a new leader. Despite his slow start, he rose to the challenge and fulfilled the duties of the Hokage.

After the war, Tsunade names Kakashi as Sixth Hokage, and pardons Sasuke’s crimes. He holds the title for many years before passing it on to Naruto in the epilogue. Kakashi is not a bad person, but he does dislike Boruto. While he does not hate Boruto, he does not approve of his actions. He tries to hide his face, but this doesn’t work because he doesn’t like the ‘big guy’.

Kakashi is a strong Ninja, but he had never dreamed of becoming Hokage. In fact, he regarded himself as a soldier and put his mission first. He didn’t like the paperwork and politics that came with being a Hokage. But when he was chosen, he dominated the battles of the Fourth Shinobi World War. That’s when his life changed.

Once the ninjas have become a team, Kakashi becomes the Hokage. As a Hokage, he is responsible for establishing relationships between the different ninja communities. This role requires a strong leader with commanding strength, but the exchanges between Kakashi and his fellow Kage will be entertaining. Kakashi’s strong character will keep audiences engaged throughout the entire series.

The time between Tsunade’s death and Kakashi’s Hokageship is unclear. While it is not known when he becomes the Hokage, Kakashi was in the role for about a year and a half after his battle with Madara. After that, he is the most experienced of the three and is the strongest shinobi in the Land of Fire.

After the death of his father, Kakashi becomes a Hokage in what episode does kakashi become the hokage? In the manga, Kakashi takes the role of the third Hokage and is responsible for all the responsibilities of the position. His character also shows a strong desire to fight with his father and to protect his son. However, it is unclear how he achieved this in the manga, but his character certainly reflects his personality.

In the manga, Kakashi was the perfect candidate for the position of Hokage. But it turns out that Tsunade was considered more qualified, since he was part of the legendary Sanin. Tsunade already had the experience needed to be Hokage, but Kakashi didn’t have this. However, he became the sixth Hokage after fulfilling the wish of his dying friend, Obito.

In the manga, Kakashi’s clothes were bloodied in previous episodes and torn. In the anime, however, they are all clean. In addition, the manga character that interrupted Kakashi’s meeting was unnamed, and is not crucial to the plot. This episode is a cliffhanger, so you should be sure to catch up on previous episodes to know the final outcome of Kakashi’s character arc.

As you can see, Kakashi’s time as Hokage was relatively short. In fact, the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, only lasted a few years. However, many other former Hokages lasted for decades. Kakashi’s short time as Hokage was also notable. He was the shortest-serving Hokage of the series, but many of his predecessors served for decades.



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