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What is Chewpa Mirvega Meaning?

“Chupa mirvega” is a Spanish phrase meaning “erected penis”. It is also known as Verga. The Verga is a colorful metaphor for an erected penis. If you want to make your date laugh and prank him, you should say “Happy birthday, chewpa mirvega.”
Verga is a colorful metaphor of an erected penis

“Verga” means “cock,” “rod” or “penis” in Spanish. It is also the name of the small Spanish whistle or flute called a pito. In Zulia, the word verga is used in a profane sense, but it is often used as a synonym for the Spanish term cojeculo. In Zulia, the word verga is also used to describe the penis.
Happy birthday to chewpa mirvega

A video circulated of an anchor wishing Chewpa a happy birthday. The anchor said, “We wish Chewpa a happy birthday.” Many have wondered where this prankster got his name. Chewpa is a famous San Antonio dog and is supposedly 27 years old today. But is he really so young? The dog has a lot to live up to, and the world needs him.
Prank on chewpa mirvega

Taking advantage of the fact that Chewpa was celebrating his birthday, a San Antonio TV station decided to pull a prank on him. A video of the newscast was circulated and the anchor wished Chewpa a happy birthday. This video caused quite a stir. It’s unclear why the anchor felt that he needed to prank Chewpa, but it’s likely that he had no idea what he was getting into.



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