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What Letter is Not in a State Name?

Did you know that some states have only one letter in their names? In this article, you will discover that “Q” is the only letter to appear in fewer than five state names. But did you know that “E” and “A” are also absent from state names? In addition to the three mentioned above, there are other state names that do not contain the letter Q. Read on to learn more about these interesting facts!
The letter “Q”

Did you know that there are six states with the letter “Q” missing from their names? Other letters of the alphabet appear twice in state names, including Arizona, New Jersey, and Nebraska. That leaves just one state with a missing letter: Wyoming. If you have trouble remembering the names of your favorite states, consider the following information. It will help you remember the state names of other states with the letter “Q” missing.

Currently, the letter “Q” is missing from the names of 50 states. Interestingly enough, every other letter of the alphabet is present in the state names of another 50. Only Nebraska, New Jersey, and California have the letter “F” in their state names. If you’re wondering why the letter “Q” is not in a state name, consider the following examples. For example, California has the letter ‘F’ in its name, but has no state name that contains the letter “Q”.
It’s the only letter with less than five appearances in a state name

Q is a very uncommon letter to find in state names. While every other letter appears in a state name at least once, Q is the only letter in a state’s name that doesn’t have an actual word. X, Y, and Z are among the other uncommon letters that appear in state names. A double-P in Mississippi bumps the P’s appearance to four times.

The letter “P” is used in three states – Nevada, Montana, and Utah – as well as in Puerto Rico (a U.S. territory that is trying to become a state). The only other letter with less than five appearances in a state name is “Q,” which only appears once in Qatar. Q is the only letter with less than five appearances in a state name, but it still makes sense once you know where to look for it.
It’s found in Arizona

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It’s found in California

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It’s found in Hawaii

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