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What Letter is Not in the 50 States?

What letter of the alphabet isn’t in any state name? You might be surprised to learn that there are only three states without any of the letters “P”, “Q,” or “Z.” But there are other reasons for this. Read on to discover the most obscure names for the 50 states. And don’t forget: there are many other states, too! For more trivia, you can also check out the names of the state capitals, as well.
Only one letter of the alphabet doesn’t appear in any of the state names

Did you know that only one letter of the alphabet is missing from every state name? It sounds bizarre, but it makes sense once you realize the significance of this unusual situation. It’s true – only one letter of the alphabet is missing from every state name, except for the name of Nevada. You might also be surprised to learn that only Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota have names that start with the letter D.

Only three states contain the letter “P.” Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. both feature the letter P. Qatar is the only country that has a Q in its name. If you don’t want to be a part of the one percent of Americans who do not use the alphabet’s letters in their state names, you can go for a more unusual spelling. If you prefer a more aesthetically pleasing state name, pick one with the letter “P.”
Only three states don’t have a “P”

In addition to New York, only four other states don’t have a “P.” Texas, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico don’t have any letters in their state names. And while the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico could become the 52nd state if they vote to do so, the “P” is still missing from the U.S. alphabet. Despite this, each state has its own quirky fact that you should know about.
Only three states have a “Z”

If you are a state-name expert, you may have noticed that only three states have a “Z.” They are Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and New Hampshire all have “P” for their state name, while X is used only in the names of Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. If you’re a name expert, you might also be interested in knowing which state names start with “X.”



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