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What Number is Spelled in Alphabetical Order?

Forty is the only number whose spelling is in alphabetical order. Why is it in this order? Is it considered lucky? Or unlucky? Find out in this article! Plus, you can find out how it’s spelled using hyphens. It’s a fun question to ask yourself, or test your math knowledge. This article is packed with fun trivia, including the answers to the previous two questions!
Forty is the only number whose spelling is arranged in alphabetical order

Of all the numbers, forty is the only one whose spelling is in alphabetical order. The other two are first and one. However, the latter has the opposite spelling, with the “a” being absent from either two-digit or three-digit numbers. Forty is the only whole number whose spelling is in alphabetical order, making it the lowest in the list. Its name was given in honor of Lewis Carroll, who based his novel Alice in Wonderland on the book.
It is considered a good number

The number forty is a good one. Many people associate it with astrology, fortune-telling, or a belief in the divine connection. Its mathematical formula, the formula of letters in alphabetical order, is considered a good one. Forty has the most letters, and it is also the largest number that can be typed with alternating hands. The number is the first one that has the same number of letters as its meaning.
It is spelled with hyphens

Most style guides suggest ignoring hyphens when writing proper names. If the word has hyphens, however, alphabetize it in accordance with the order the word is spelled. Hyphenated names are easier to sort by ignoring the hyphen. Listed below are some common examples of names spelled with hyphens. They are not spelled with hyphens in alphabetical order.
It is spelled with four letters

The answer to the question, “What number is spelled with four letters?” is 4. No other number in the English language has as many letters as the letter count in its name. According to research by Brahinsky, whole numbers with fewer letters than four have smaller ratios than those with more. For example, the ratio of one to three letters is 1:3. The largest ratio, however, is 3.9×1064 for NINE HUNDRED VIGINTILLION, which has 23 letters.
It is spelled with a t

In English, “it is spelled with a t” is an abbreviation for “it is spelled with a T.” This is because the prefix “st” is often used in place of the e in the word. For example, St John’s might appear before Salem in a gazetteer, whereas “it is spelled with an e in alphabetical order” appears before “Salem.”



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